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Pain is nearly always thought of as a warning signal of possible injury. Some consider it to be a natural reflex forcing stillness in an already injured organ so as to promote healing and recuperation. This makes it easier to understand acute pain. But it does not explain the body’s need for the pain of such chronic conditions as XLPharmacy.com rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or trigeminal neuralgia (spasms of excruciating pain caused by the malfunctioning of the fifth cranial nerve which has three branches supplying the skin of the face, the tongue and the teeth). With such conditions, you neither escape pain nor alleviate it with stillness.
Difference between chronic and acute pain
There is an important distinction between chronic and acute pain. Chronic pain is pain that persists for six months or more without any valid cause. Acute pain is sudden and usually brief and most commonly caused by an accident, or ‘trauma’, resulting in localised tissue damage in the neuromuscular-skeletal system. Irritation of the internal organs, known as a visceral condition, can also cause acute pain. Acute pain is often easily resolved if diagnosed and treated early and comprehensively. However it can become chronic if the treatment consists solely of pain medication.
Starting comprehensive treatment early in the acute phase can prevent the development of chronic pain. By comparison, chronic pain lasts from six weeks to many months or even years. It is often associated with a prolonging of the responses of the automatic nervous system.

Other medications commonly used to treat migraine include the blood pressure medications known as beta blockers.
Inderal is the best-known example of these and is relatively free of side-effectsexcept for the occasional fall in blood pressure and slowing of the pulse. Occasionally some complain of vivid nightmares while they take Inderal.
Unfortunately, XLPharmacy.com Inderal and other Beta Blockers cannot be used by those with a history of asthma or wheezy bronchitis because of their tendency to cause constriction of the breathing passages.
Other medicatiorfs usually used for the treatment of angina, pulse irregularities and high blood pressure and known as calcium channel blockersbecause of their method of actionare also used for migraine patients who have not responded to other medications.
These include Isoptin and Adalat and are relatively free of side-effects. The most common of these include constipation and mild headache which is far more easily tolerated than the migraine being treated.
The anti-inflammatory drugs also have their supporters in migraine treatments. Recent studies have shown that single doses of Naprosyn, Brufen, Clinoril and Voltaren are as effective as any drugs in relieving migraine in its early stages. These drugs work by suppressing the effects of the powerful pain producing hormone, prostaglandin.
The antidepressants, including the tricyclic antidepressants Tryptanol and Sinequan and the  XLPharmacy.com MAOI’s Parnate and Nardil, all have a place in the treatment of migraine. They work both by modifying the pain sensation and by having a direct influence on the chemical messengers, noradrenaline and serotonin which are said to be intimately involved in the causation of both migraine and depression.

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