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According to the fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), a typical episode of major depressive disorder lasts at least two weeks and includes most (but not necessarily all) of the following symptoms:
* a low mood: feeling sad, empty, despondent loss of interest in life
* the inability to find pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable, including sex
* weight loss or weight gain
* trouble sleeping or excess sleeping
* feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, guilt, and worthlessness
* trouble concentrating and making decisions
* lack of energy
* anxiety
* feelings of agitation or of having slowed down
* frequent thoughts about death, self-destructive ideas, or the feeling of not wanting to live;
Some people experience these symptoms once in their lives, while others suffer from repeated bouts of major depression. This much is certain: depression is widespread. According to one estimate, at any given moment, about one person in twenty is grappling with depression, and over the course of a lifetime, one person in ten will have at least one episode of major depression.

The Russians use hard physical work to cure depressionand it works. Although you may feel tired (unless you are withdrawing quickly) the worst thing you can do is lie in bed. Instead of pulling the blankets over your head in an attempt to shut out the world, force yourself to get up early and have breakfast. This helps to establish normal body rhythms and stops you turning day into night. Even if at first you can do no more than sit in front of breakfast television, at least you are making a start.
Normality must be reached forit will not come without effort. Build up physical activity until you are really active. You may not enjoy it, but it has to be done. Accept that your head and muscles may ache. Force yourself to walk no matter how leaden your legs may feel. Exercise improves the circulation and stimulates the antianxiety and anti-depression hormones. If you are planning unaccustomed vigorous exercise, it is better to have your doctor’s permission first.

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