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In order to understand the nature, causes, and mechanics of the development of arthritis, the following basic premises should be kept in mind:
Arthritis is not an unrelated, localized disease of certain joints. It is a systemic constitutional disease which always affects the whole body.
Arthritis is caused by metabolic disorders and systemic disturbances which effect the pathological biochemical changes in all tissues of the body, specifically in collagen.
These biochemical changes cause inflammatory and degenerative changes in the functions of joints and their surrounding connective tissues.
The underlying causes for these systemic disturbances and pathological changes are found in prolonged abuses to which the body has been subjected, such as faulty nutritional patterns, overeating, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sufficient exercise, severe emotional and physical stresses, etc. These health-destroying environmental factors eventually result in diminished vitality and lowered resistance to diseases, intestinal sluggishness, autointoxication and impaired elimination.
The biological treatment for arthritis is therefore aimed at the eradication and correction of all abnormal health-destroying conditions that have led to development of the disease.
The biological treatments are directed at normalizing all the metabolic processes; establishing biochemical stability; strengthening the functions of the vital organs; re-establishing capillary integrity; revitalizing glandular activity; and, in general, rebuilding and strengthening the general health of the patient.
When the causative factors are thus eliminated and the body is strengthened and revitalized by proper dietetic, physiotherapeutic, and other biological measures, then the organism’s own curative powers are given a chance to take over and bring about the actual cure.

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