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The mechanical construction of our body allows many bones to meet with each other in so-called joints. To avoid friction and strain during movements, the ends of the bones are covered with an elastic tissue called cartilage. The synovial membrane covers the inner surfaces of the joint cavity. This membrane secretes a fluid that lubricates the joint.
With the onset of arthritis the normal functions of the joints are impaired. They become inflamed, enlarged, and swollen. Or they may shrivel up and dry. The cartilages lose their elasticity and become dry and brittle. The secretions of the synovial membrane may diminish and with progression of the disease cease completely. The joints thus will dry out, become congested, rough, and stiff. Also the ligaments and the muscles, which surround the joint, become affected, inflamed, and progressively lose their tone and flexibility.
These symptoms are followed by profound and destructive changes in the joints. Due to faulty metabolism, excessive amounts of calcium and other minerals are deposited in the joints. Sometimes osteoporosis, or leaching of the calcium and other minerals from the bones, can cause severe destruction of bones and joints.
All these changes are usually accompanied by swelling and increasing pain during motion. Eventually the pain becomes so unbearable that the patient will be unable to move the affected parts of his body.
If further development is not checked and effectively treated in time, complete rxmedscanada.com destruction of the joint often will be the ultimate result.
Many systemic disorders could be associated with the onset of arthritis. Digestive disorders are often present in the history of the arthritic. Constipation is often prevalent for many years before the actual arthritic symptoms begin to show up. General fatigue; physical and emotional stresses; lack of sufficient rest; nutritional deficiencies; glandular disorders, particularly in the endocrine system; unchecked infectious conditions; all could occur long before the final symptoms in the joints show up.
Therefore it is important to realize that if arthritis is to be successfully treated, the systemic nature of the disease must be recognized and the abnormal conditions and disorders of the body corrected. Unless the close relationship between the general health of the individual and his arthritis symptoms is fully recognized, all attempts to cure arthritis will be futile.

Here is a seven-point rxmedscanada.com, do-it-yourself program to solve your constipation problem foreverthe natural way.
1. Eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Eat several pieces of any available raw fruit and a big bowl of fresh green vegetable salad every day. Chew all your foods well
Avoid constipating foods: meat, white bread, processed cereals, refined carbohydrates (such as sugar, cakes, candies, ice cream, and such).
Eat soaked prunes (six to ten) with your breakfast. A bowl of yogurt with half a dozen prunes, two tablespoons of wheat germ, and one tablespoon of bran is a royal dish to start your day with. Do not cook prunes, just wash them well, put them in a cup of warm water and soak them overnight. Important: be sure to drink the water in which the prunes were soaked!
Supplement your diet with brewer’s yeast, whey powder, honey, and yogurt-all natural laxatives.
Exercise! Walk, swim, ride, dance, play golfanything at all, but exercise! Lack of sufficient exercise-physical inactivityis one of the main causes of constipation. Plain walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Start with an hour’s walking a day!
Consume plenty of liquids: water, juice (unsweetened only), broth, soups-six to eight rxmedscanada.com glasses a day.
Never suppress nature’s call! Try immediately upon arising and again before retiring to establish a habit of bowel movements. Be careful not to overstrainjust relax and wait, if needed up to ten to 15 minutes. This will eventually result in a well-established routine.
If you follow this seven-point program conscientiously, you can safely throw away all your laxatives. You will never need them again, unless you are already a pathological case with a completely atrophied and degenerated eliminative system. Then you will need a prolonged program of fasting, enemas, special diets, exercises, and other biological treatments under the careful supervision of an understanding practitioner. But even the most obstinate types of constipation can be overcome if proper biological treatments, fortified with patience and steadfastness, are applied.

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