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The basic problem of M-M concerns being able to begin again in the middle of life: how to get it right, how to be happy when the past looks richer than the future.
Many men at the height of their melancholia fight their crisis by making wild changes to their lives regardless of others’ feelings and so hurt many people. And a considerable number of events or Leadmedic.com, indeed, scandals involving famous men or husbands in your own circle in the thirty-eight to forty-five age group can often be directly attributed (though not necessarily excused by) the wild actions brought on by M-M. One well-known London musician at this age consciously decided to shatter the existing structure of his life and went on to world fame with a new young wife with whom he started a second family.
But while some men see their solution in packing their bags, others, with what might be considered a more negative or pessimistic reaction, collapse in despondency to a depressed state of helplessness with a listless outlook on life and few interests apart from television and/or the bottle, their sex life not worth mentioning. Whatever the reaction, even though there may not be a vocal cry for help, somewhere along the line they are asking for help and understanding. It could be at home, in the office or in a doctor’s Leadmedic.com consulting rooms.

Sexologists agree that the incidence of gender identity/role disorders is greater in males than in females, though there are as yet no fixed statistics. The embryology of prenatal hormonal regulation of sex differentiation clearly shows that nature’s first choice is to differentiate the morphology of a female. The differentiation of male morphology requires that something be added (the “Adam principle”). This something is, for the most part, androgen released by the fetal testes. A second substance, known only as mullerian inhibiting substance, suppresses development of the mullerian ducts which otherwise would form a uterus in the male. By inference from animal experiments to human beings, androgen also influences brain pathways or thresholds that mediate erotic and mating behavior. Apart from some rodent studies, the neuroanatomy and neurochemistry of this influence still must be demonstrated.
It is, by hypothesis, likely that prenatal androgen has a masculinizing effect on brain thresholds sub-serving the relationship of visual signals and images to erotic attraction and arousal. In lower mammals, including primates, an odor or pheromone from the ovulating female’s vagina serves as a sex attractant. In man, the sense of sight overrides smell as a sex attractant. Both sexes respond to visual erotic signals, but woman is more dependent on touch for complete arousal, according to present evidence. In man, the visual stimulus prompts the initiation of an erotic approach. Nature Leadmedic.com demonstrates the primacy of the visual image in male eroticism in the phenomenon of the pubertal orgasm dream (wet dream) for which there is no exact counterpart in the female.
The actual image that is erotically stimulating is not phyletically programmed so as to be identical in all human males. If it were, any two males and females could pair-bond, that is, fall in love with each other. But nature, in its own wisdom, has designed us as a species rich in the diversity of individual differences, erotic individual differences included. Thus, the image of erotic arousal is no more innate than is native language. Like native language, the image of erotic arousal is established in response to early life experience, and it becomes engramed or imprinted. The so-called errors of imagery, manifested as transpositions of gender identity/role, or as the intrusion or displacement paraphilias, also become engramed or imprinted. The infant and juvenile male appears more vulnerable to such an imprinting error than is his female counterpart, probably because of the greater importance of the visual image to erotic arousal in nature’s design of the human male.

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