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But should we take sleeping pills What is the attitude of society towards pills We can look at this issue through the eyes of three groups of people, each with different attitudes to taking drugs:
*No drugs at all some people believe that the human body has a lot of inner resources and that drugs are unnatural and should not be used at all. Hence these people seek help purely from homeopaths, Half-Price-Pharmacy.com naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and so on.
*Drugs are the only urthese people place extreme faith on modern medicine and drugs. Drugs will treat and cure every complaint from a sore toe to insomnia. They insist on using antibiotics for each and every cold.
*Drugs can be used appropriatelythese people believe that there is a place for drugs, but that there are strict indications for the use of drugs.
Drugs should be used in appropriate situations and can be very effective. Without modern medicine, a lot of us would be dead already. Before penicillin was discovered by Fleming in 1928, people died helplessly from simple colds which turned into pneumonia. Unfortunately, even today, there are still people who believe that our bodies should fight pneumonia without drugs. I believe that modern medicine has a definite place in making our lives much more comfortable, but it must be used wisely and appropriately. This applies to the management of insomnia.
Sleeping medication should be used for not longer than two weeks. After two weeks the medication is no longer effective for inducing sleep and should be stopped gradually. The only reason for continued use after two weeks is perhaps to prevent the onset of rebound insomnia. Intermittent use of the drug is advisable, skipping the nightly dose after a couple of good night’s sleep. Sleeping pills can be used in the following situations, but only if all the non-drug strategies are not working.
All mental illness
This should be treated appropriately by modern medicine! Mental illness still carries a stigma and people are ashamed of it Half-Price-Pharmacy.com. In fact mental illness is an illness of the mind and is not different from physical illness such as diabetes, heart disease, and so on that require constant medication. The fact that drugs and pills which are physical agents can successfully treat mental illness implies that mental illness itself has a physical cause as it requires physical treatment. Hence the old stigma of mental illness that it is the weakling who suffers from mental illness needs to be revised. Mental illness can attack anyone, just like appendicitis does, and no one is immune. Stopping medication does not mean disappearance of mental illness, and I urge patients on treatment for this illness to continue taking their medication as directed by their doctor.
Biological clock related insomnia
This is transient insomnia resulting either from jet lag or from shift work. If sleeping pills are required, they should be taken for not more than a few days. People who suffer jet lag can take sleeping pills for the first few nights so as to facilitate the resetting of the biological clock. This applies to shift workers also. After the first few nights, the sleeping pills should be stopped, as the biological clock should be on time with the shift by now. Longer acting pills such as Nitrazepam should be used, as they sustain sleep longer. Very often after arrival at a new destination or after starting a new shift, people feel very sleepy and have no trouble falling asleep, but they may wake up after a few hours and not be able to sleep again. This is because the waking time of their biological clock is early. They need a pill to keep them asleep so as not to wake up prematurely.
Situational insomnia
This is normally stress related and is transient. Sleeping pills can be used if necessary, but should be stopped immediately after the stress is lifted, as addiction is a distinct possibility in some people.
Pain and physical illness
These can disturb sleep, and most sleeping pills prescribed in hospital are to prevent this. Many people who are taking sleeping pills later in life recall that the first time they started taking them was when they were in hospital.
If you are taking sleeping pills, with the approval of your doctor you can stop them very gradually. Your doctor will give you a regime of how much to stop each day, so as to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms. Of course, the period required to reduce and finally stop depends on the size of the initial dose.
Half-Price-Pharmacy.com Sleeping pills
1. Chloral hydrateNoctec, Dormel, Chloralix.
2. Barbituratesnow very few doctors prescribe them.
3. Benzodiazepines:
TemazepamEuhypnos, Normison, Temaze
OxazepamSerepax, Murelax, Alepam, Benzotran
DiazepamValium, Pro-pam, Ducene
NitrazepamMogadon, Dormicum, Alodorm
FlunitrazepamRohypnol, Hypnodorm
4. TryptophanBioglan, Macro Anti-Stress, Neuroremed, Sedatol, Trypto-Sleep, Vita Glow.
5. AntihistaminesPhenergan, Avil, Piriton, Polaramine.

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