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The term “hyperthymia” implies an energetic, confident, active, sometimes irritable but essentially normal personality type who is successfully balancing a multitude of projects and relationships. All of these personality traits (except the irritability) are considered highly desirable in Western culture.
A number of genetic studies including those undertaken by my own group indicate that people who are hyperthymic may come from a family in which manic-depressive relatives have struggled with depression, suicide, gambling, sociopathy, or alcohol or drug abuse. The family tree often has family members with hyperthymic or dysthymic personalities. Usually the manic-depressive pedigree includes one or more relatives who have been highly energetic, creative, and accomplished. If no major mood swings occur in this latter group of people, they are referred to simply as hyperthymic personalities. These individuals do not seek treatment since things are going well. For the most part, these are people who get things done in all walks of life. They either charm you or irritate you, but they usually produce.

Will Prozac help me sleep better at night If Prozac successfully alleviates major depression and dysthymia. sleep usually improves as well, since insomnia is a characteristic symptom of these illnesses. On the other hand, in the beginning, Prozac does have the side effect of causing mild insomnia. Patients usually complain about this the first few days after starting the drug. As the symptoms of major depression begin to recede, however, this side effect usually disappears and normal sleep is restored.
Is dieting allowed when receiving Prozac treatment A sensible diet, with moderate caloric restriction, should present no problem for someone taking Prozac, especially if supervised by the psychopharmacologist in conjunction with either a nutritionist or a diet program approved by the American Medical Association. In general, stay away from inappropriate crash diets or fad programs.
“Will Prozac make me more or less hungry In many patients, Prozac causes mild nausea during the first few days of treatment. In addition, as a result of the biochemical effects of Prozac on carbohydrate craving and overall metabolism, manybut not allpatients feel less hungry than they did before taking the drug. Most patients either maintain their weight or lose a few poundsin stark contrast to the older antidepressants, which frequently cause weight gain.
Does Prozac affect men differently from women Young people differently from old people Prozac does not affect men differently from women or young people differently from older people. Younger healthy people, in general, take a stronger dose of Prozac than older people, those who are medically ill, or infirmed geriatric patients with depression. Children and young adolescents generally need smaller doses, but this is not well studied to date.
Does Prozac affect the thought processes Reports in the scientific literature do not indicate that Prozac adversely affects thinking or cognitive processes such as memory and recall, and patients have not complained to me that they have experienced a dull feeling mentally, after taking Prozac. On the other hand, once the depression lifts, patients feel sharper. In contrast, patients on high doses of tricyclics and MAOIs frequently complain of problems with memory and trouble finding words at the end of a sentence.

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