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Recent studies have shown that the symptoms of heart disease are quite’ different in men and women. Only 30 percent of women who are proven to suffer with coronary heart disease experience any chest pain or chest distress. The most common symptoms of heart disease, experienced by 70 percent of affected women are unusual fatigue, sleep disturbance and shortness of breath. If women do experience an uncomfortable feeling in their chest, it is usually not as severe as in men.
Atherosclerosis is not the only possible cause of a heart attack. A coronary artery can contract, go into spasm and narrow, which also impairs blood flow to the heart. The exact cause of spasms is not known, however magnesium is very useful for helping to relax blood vessels. Cerebrovascular disease is usually the result of plaque buildup in me arteries that supply the brain with blood. Cerebrovascular disease can cause a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or a stroke. A transient ischemic attack is where a person experiences a sudden loss of brain function but has a complete recovery within 24 hours. A hemorrhagic stroke is a different type of stroke where a blood vessel in the brain bursts.

Possible symptoms of a stroke or TIA include:
Weakness or paralysis on one side of the body
Jumbled speech and/or inability to comprehend speech
Poor coordination
Muscle weakness
Loss of vision in one eye
Paralysis of facial muscles Dizziness
Rapid, involuntary eye movements

According to the medical community, the following are the major risk factors for coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease:
Cigarette smoking
High blood cholesterol
Being overweight or obese
Advancing age
Male gender
Family history of heart disease
Lack of exercise

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