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The nerve supply to the stomach comes from a little way above the middle of the dorsal spine. This section of your spine can undergo stress either structurally or by referral from the digestive organs.
Poor posture where the centre curve is exaggerated can over-stimulate these nerve roots and cause excess gastric secretion. Just add stress from worry or overwork to a habit of worrying, and you have the perfect set-up for an ulcer. Ulcers can also be bacterial.
Chiropractors break into this vicious circle by adjusting these spinal joints. This frees the muscle spasm which allowed the nerves there to be overstimulated. If feels wonderful to have that section loosened. You stop belching gas after a meal and you calm down.
A pilot study in 1993 has now proved the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments in the treatment of duodenal ulcerlong awaited evidence of the connection between internal organ function and spinal nerves.
Acupuncturing the stomach meridian, just outside of the umbilicus, immediately eases the excess flow of gastric acids into the stomach. Pain is relieved and the whole colour and demeanour of the face improves from the changes to the energy flow. It is so satisfying. Other points in the hands and feet complete the relaxation effect.
I improve the situation by keeping the patient away from curries and other aggravating foods for the time it takes the ulcer to heal. It is not going to work if the patient does not co-operate with sensible food choices while undergoing treatment. Vegetable juices, especially beetroot and cabbage juice mixed with carrot, are especially known for curing stomach ulcers. My personal choice is to advise the patient to suck a slice of washed, raw potato before each meal.
Small meals often, and a recommendation to follow the Hay diet, is quite important for the few weeks it takes the ulcer to heal. I don’t recommend raw foods for a while or salads, until the stomach has had a rest. Pureed apple and boiled rice chewed well soothes the stomach.
Yoghurt is good, as well as potato, pumpkin, marrow and choko. These are all easily digested foods to rest the stomach till it heals itself with a little help from our complementary therapies.

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