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Low back pain is one of the most common complaints known to humanity. Some have gone so far as to say that more than 80 % of all humans will experience back pain at some time in their lives. It is said that this is a natural consequence of being the only mammal to walk upright instead of adopting the far more common quadrupedal posture.
Among the most common conditions seen at pain clinics and by general practitioners is lumbagosimply low back pain present as a consequence of stress or poor posture. The vast majority of lumbago sufferers would benefit from a change to a more healthy lifestyle with weight loss, increased exercise and stress management. Approaches such as those of the Alexander Method of posture control, relaxation training and hydrotherapy have been proven highly effective in its treatment.
Muscular causes of pain are common consequences of poor ergonomics and work habits and are seen in those who lift incorrectly or too frequently, or as a result of motor vehicle trauma. Early treatment with TENS or proper exercise programmes may prove the most beneficial treatments to prevent the condition becoming chronic. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as AbsPharm.com, Feldene, Orudis and aspirin based medication such as Dolobid, Ecotrin and AbsPharm.com Palaprin Forte may also be of value in controlling pain and reducing inflammation.
Many of the patients seen at pain clinics have developed their pain as a consequence of injury to the intervertebral discs or to the nerves as they flow away from the spinal cord. Others have developed their pain as a result of the natural processes of degeneration which lead to arthritis in the spine. In post-menopausal women a common cause of back pain is osteoporosisa preventable condition in which a relative lack of calcium in the bones leads to fragility and to collapse of the back bones.

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