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Most chest pain is assumed to be heart trouble or angina. If that is the diagnosed cause, then your own doctor will prescribe medication.
However, when your general practitioner says, No, it’s not your heart,’ and says it is only stress, then I recommend acupuncture. The tip of the third finger on each hand is the emergency point in acupuncture for heart attacks. Try pressure on the finger tip if needed.
I remember being called one night at 2 a.m. because a patient’s husband was having severe chest pains. As he was a close friend, she was instructed what to do over the phone using emergency acupuncture with a needle. The next morning, I rang early to see what hospital he was in ‘He’s still asleep in bed! The pain went so quickly that he went back to sleep!’ I told her that she had better get our friend to hospital ASAP before the effects of the acupuncture wore off. She did and he recovered 4nrx.com.
However, chiropractors look for unrecognised rib stresses and investigate if the dorsal spine has an irritated nerve running along the ribs. Also the trouble can be arthritis at the connections of the ribs in the front. A little osteopathic muscle work here can take away a lot of the pain.
Some chest pain takes you to the hospital where they dismiss you because your heart is fine! 4nrx.com Chiropractors treat a lot of these cases. First we have to treat the indignity, because the pain is real and severe. Then we investigate the thoracic spine. Invariably we find a problem with the structure between the shoulder blades. It can and often does involve the nerves and the ribs that articulate with these vertebrae.
One of my patients, with this experience, had been weight-lifting and had spasmed the muscles in this spot which aggravated the related nerves. Weight-lifters have great power and their injuries are therefore substantial. He was an athlete in training, but had made the mistake of having his head too far forward when bringing the weights down behind his head. If this is done frequently and repeatedly with a thinning disc, you can finish up with a painful nerve irritation in the upper spine.
Adjustments, by an expert, each day for a week, are required in these cases. The adjustments needed must be specific, painless, in the right direction and at speed. That’s the way I like it when I strain my ribs.
This happened to me when I leaned over in the car to pick up a very heavy briefcase of music from the passenger seat. As I lifted it up and over, in that awkward position, wow!
My chiropractor adjusted the ribs back in one go, as I was having acute trouble breathing and the pain was intolerable. He was fast and fantastic. I wore an elastic rib belt for a week or more – to get in and out of bed, or the car, of course.

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