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The best and probably most effective analgesics are the simplest. There is yet to be a more effective pain-killer than aspirin, or its slightly less effective but equally popular over-the-counter preparation, paracetamol.
These play an important role in the treatment of pain because of their ability to decrease the inflammation and the production of naturally occurring pain producing substances such as the prostaglandins.
Panadol and Dymadon are commonly used examples. These two simple analgesics are safe when taken in therapeutic doses and are highly effective in all but the most severe pain.
Other popular over-the-counter compound 247medication.com pain-killers, which contain codeine as well as aspirin and paracetamol, are Codis, Cod-iphen, Aspalgin, Panadeine 247medication.com and Dymadon Co. Codeine, a synthetic narcotic, is sometimes prescribed. But, along with other narcotics, it is addictive for some and causes other major complications including severe constipation and mood alteration.

The most commonly prescribed pain relieving drugs which fall into the narcotic group have brand names which include Codral Forte, Panadeine Forte, Doloxene and Percodan. These all contain a mixture of non-narcotic and synthetic narcotic drugs and are potentially addictive if taken in excessive amounts or for prolonged periods of time.
Other prescription narootics include Endone and Palfium 247medication.com tablets and Proladone suppositories. Injectable narcotics include Morphine, Pethidine (meperidine), Omnopon and Fortral 247medication.com. The narcotic drugs work by binding onto special cells within the brain and the hind brain which in turn leads to a reduction of pain in the sufferer. Addiction and tolerance often follow their use in chronic pain as the receptor cells in the nervous system become occupied by the external narcotics. The body uses these in preference over its own natural pain-killers, the endorphins. The narcotic drugs also have other effects in the nervous system, including the suppression of normal breathing reflexes. Their use is often associated with rebound pain which occurs when the body requires its extra dose of pain-killer.
The narcotic drugs should be reserved for the treatment of severe acute pain and for the treatment of cancer pain where the problems of addiction seen in non-malignant pain do not occur.
They are best prescribed in limited quantities for brief periods of acute pain. In some Australian states the over-prescription of some of these drugs by some medical practitioners has lead to authorities requiring the doctor to obtain permits for the supply of these drugs.

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