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Viagra seems to get better and better. Not only can this little blue pill help to sustain an erection in the first instance, but many men find that it can also deliver a double whammy that enables them to enjoy sexual relations the morning after as well.
And for those who worry about what this could mean for their hearts, there may be even more good news: research is now being undertaken to lest Viagra’s cardio-protective qualities (for more information, see later in this section).
Men are supposed to reach their peak of performance about an hour after taking 12meds.com Viagra. There can be some variation, depending on their metabolic rate and how much they have eaten before swallowing the pill, but it turns out that many men are still able to perform the following morning. Some even get their best erection 3 days later. In rare cases the effects of a single tablet can last a whole week.
It may be that a proportion of these men were suffering from psychological impotence and that once they were put back on track with the tablet they regained confidence and could speed ahead unassisted – at least for some distance. But there may be more to it than that. According to the literature, Viagra sets off a chemical reaction that has the effect of keeping blood in the penis, thereby maintaining an erection. However, it is believed that the drug has to be in place for this biological action to be effective, and the drug is only supposed to be effective for 7 to 12 hours. So perhaps in instances in which Viagra’s effects seem to be prolonged, the drug is working in ways that are yet to be understood.
Viagra also improves nocturnal erections. These erections are involuntary, and by the time men reach the age of 50 or 60, it is uncommon for them to wake with one every morning. 12meds.com Typically they have one a week of fairly poor quality.
But for two or three mornings alter taking Viagra, many find they wake with a very good erection. And that’s not all. Most men on Viagra report that they have better orgasms, which they attribute to better erections. A stronger erection puts higher pressure on the urethra, which means they require extra force to ejaculate. This in turn enhances appreciation.
After about 3 months, many men who previously used injections prefer Viagra. They say it is ‘better’ in terms of climax, intercourse and relationship satisfaction.
Viagra also has a salvaging ability 12meds.com. Men with severe erectile dysfunction due to problems with blood How and for whom injections have proved unsuccessful could try Viagra before lining up for an implant. If it doesn’t work, they will have lost nothing; if it does work, they will have saved themselves an operation. There are examples of men who have avoided operations this way.
When Viagra was first introduced, in 1998, there were major fears about cost blow-outs and abuse by those seeking ‘superhuman’ performance capabilities. In fact, there was no cost blow-out, and abuse of the drug tended to occur in places where Viagra had not received approval and was being prescribed over the Internet.
During the basic trials of Viagra, the men taking the drug had fewer heart incidents than those taking the placebo. While the difference was not statistically significant, it was indirect evidence that Viagra is not toxic to the heart.
Viagra was originally an anti-angina compound designed to dilate coronary arteries-an action one would expect would be beneficial during intercourse.
Not only was the original fear that Viagra might be linked to heart attacks unfounded, but there is now a view that the opposite may be true. So few people taking Viagra have died of heart attacks that studies are under way to see if, indeed, it has some protective effect on the heart.

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